Custodians of the Park. Understanding of the special qualities of the Jersey National Park, and in particular, recognising those who make an essential contribution to its identity. 


We have partnered with Jersey Uncovered who are passionate about showing people the best of Jersey on their fascinating tours. Join one of their Blue Badge guides as they reveal the stories of different locations in our Park.

Rural Resilience 

Celebrating our grassroot guardians

Jersey’s agricultural traditions are deeply rooted in our history and culture. From our iconic Jersey cows to the lush fields that blanket our landscapes, agriculture is not just an industry; it nourishes our bodies, shapes our shared identity, and connects us to the land. 

This year, our attention is directed towards the local market farmers, individuals who not only tend to the unique landscapes but also play an integral role in sustaining the Island’s cultural essence.

‘Rural Resilience’ as this year’s theme reflects the essence of our local smallholder farmers – individuals who not only nurture the land but also bolster the Island’s resilience – enriching both its ecology and cultural fabric.


How you can get involved

Meet our custodians and find out about rural matters

We are working alongside a range of rural partners – the custodians – to enhance public understanding and awareness of the dynamics of the rural environment.

To launch the 2022 campaign, you are invited to discover more through a series of expert-guided educational and thought-provoking events. These will take place during Autumn half term, from Saturday 22nd to Saturday 28th October. 

A Société Jersiaise Éditions Emile exhibition will also be available for those attending the events at the Frances Le Sueur Centre. The exhibition, ‘Agriculture – looking back to go forwards’ depicts scenes of rural life from the 1960s through to the 1990s. The collection is made up of images by Société Jersiaise past president Maurice Richardson, who donated his archive to the Société upon his death in 2022.

Each event is £5 per adult and free for children under the age of 16.

Click on the link to find out more and book your place. 

Date & time Event Location Guides More info 
Sat 22nd Oct, 10.00 Linking our environment and farming Les Maltieres Wetlands Piers Sangan, Sangan Conservation Click here
Sun 23rd Oct, 11.00 Rewilding, or habitat management? Sorel Aaron Le Couteur, The Reserve Click here
Mon 24th Oct, 11.00 Why we should care about our puffins Plémont Cris Sellarés de Pedro, National Trust for Jersey Click here
Mon 24th Oct, 14.00 The future is rural Frances Le Sueur Centre Alasdair Crosby, RURAL Magazine Click here
Tues 25th Oct, 10.00 A history of rural innovation Social History Store Helena Kergozou, Jersey Heritage Click here
Tues 25th Oct, 14.00 Sharing our space with nature Les Landes Tim Liddiard, Natural Environment Department Click here
Wed 26th Oct, 11.00 Can we re-wild Jersey? Bouley Bay John Pinel, SustainablEco-Solutions Click here
Wed 26th Oct, 14.00 A simpler way Bird Song Garden Carolien Colbeck, BirdSong Garden Click here
Thurs 27th Oct, 11.00 Why the provenance of your food, matters Frances Le Sueur Centre John Garton, Genuine Jersey Click here
Fri 28th Oct, 15.00 Reviving hemp cultivation in Jersey Jersey Hemp David Ryan, Jersey Hemp Click here
Sat 29th Oct, 11.00 Our food’s ecological footprint Grow Sheena Brockie, Sustainability Consultant Click here

The Jersey National Park supports a vibrant and sustainable rural sector, providing employment and economic opportunity, enhancing natural capital, promoting healthy ecosystems and maintaining rural life as an integral and valued part of the Island’s cultural identity.


Click here to find out why our rural environment is important.  

Meet the 2023 Custodians 

This year, we shine a spotlight on the heroes of our agricultural community

We will announce our 2023 Custodians shortly. These dedicated individuals embody the principles of sustainable farming, environmental stewardship, and the preservation of our Island’s natural beauty.


How you can support

Buy Local

Support our farmers. Look for local produce when and where you can, in supermarkets, farm shops and hedge veg stalls. 

Click here to find a hedge veg stall near you. 

And keep an eye out for the Genuine Jersey stamp, a guarantee of local provenance. Genuine Jersey members are crucial to the survival of Jersey’s heritage and traditions, with some at the forefront of introducing pioneering farming methods, new crops or exploring previously untapped markets. Find out more about Genuine Jersey, here.

Respect our Countryside

Without the generosity of some landowners who allow the public to access their land, we would be limited in where we can go and the places we enjoy. When out in the countryside, please remember to….

  • Stay on marked paths
  • Keep your distance from wildlife
  • Leave nothing but your footprints behind

To help everyone to share, respect, protect and enjoy the outdoors, ensure you follow the Countryside Code: