Nature’s play park

Water, land and sky. Connect with nature and your mind, body and soul!

Granite rocks, sand dunes, grasslands, cliff paths, harbours, castles and coves play host to a smorgasbord of outdoor activities. Whether you’re looking for an adrenalin fix like kite surfing, abseiling or coasteering, or something more grounding like free diving, hiking or beach yoga, the park gives you the space to get your heart racing or just to breathe; in the water, on the land or in the sky. Then relax and refuel in one of the many watering holes.


On the water, in the water or by the water’s edge, take a paddle and find your balance on a paddle board. Take in the stunning coastline from a different angle in a kayak or sail boat. Paddle out beyond the wave set and take your time to choose your wave. Scuba dive deep and discover the underwater world that surrounds the park. Stroll casually around one of our reservoirs or, for something more high octane, try kite surfing or coasteering. There are a variety of clubs and businesses based in park. Take a surf lesson at Laneez, go diving at Bouley Bay Dive Centre, trykayaking with Jersey Adventures or SUP with Windmadness.


Barefoot, booted or saddled. Ride a horse through sun dappled lanes or gallop across the shoreline. Tighten your laces and head out for a trail run, get on your mountain bike and cycle through woods and coastal trails or blow-kart across the sand with the wind in your face. Play golf at La Moye with breathtaking views across St Ouen’s Bay that will make you forget about that last bunker shot! Feel the sun on your back as you scale one of the granite rockfaces on the south west with the aquamarine ocean crashing below. Come alive!


Fresh air. Salty air. Breathe deeply, breathe clean. Hover, fly, freefall. Ride the hot air currents over St Ouen’s bay in a handglider. Fly a kite on the beach or get some big air kite surfing. You can even skydive for the ultimate adrenaline rush and bird’s eye view over the island. End your day stargazing at Grosnez castle where the sky twinkles and there is nothing else to see for miles. Jersey’s sea air will restore and revive anyone.


For the hard core, there is a growing number of endurance events that are being hosted within the park. Ultra marathons, round island walks, Breca swim run challenges, cycle races and SUP races are drawing local and visiting sports people alike to the park to push themselves to the limits. What better landscape could there possibly be to compete in such events?

A full list of activities taking place in the Park can be found here