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Our Headquarters


The Frances Le Sueur Centre.

Situated along The Five Mile Road at La Mielle de Morville, you will find the Frances Le Sueur Centre, the headquarters of the Jersey National Park.

The Centre hosts a variety of environmentally social events, and has become a key location for collaborating with other local groups and businesses by promoting current environmental issues.

Who was Frances Le Sueur?

The Centre is named after Frances le Sueur, a naturalist and botanist who lived in the bay and campaigned throughout the 1960s and 70s to persuade the States of Jersey to protect the area’s unique biodiversity, which even then was under threat from creeping residential development. 

The building stands as a living tribute to her tireless efforts and pioneering spirit in the heart of St Ouen’s Bay. It not only serves as the operational hub for the Jersey National Park but also embodies Frances’s lifelong dedication to the protection and education of our natural heritage.

Image courtesy of Peter Trenchard

Her study of local plants produced an authoritative guide with her 1985 publication, ‘Flora of Jersey’. As well as her important research work, she campaigned passionately for the conservation of Jersey’s flora, raising awareness of its importance with the Island’s planning authorities. 

The Centre is situated at La Mielle de Morville.

The building was originally opened in 1995 as an office for States rangers and as an educational facility for children to learn about the bay’s biodiversity, and in recent years it has undergone much restorative work. It is beautifully constructed from reclaimed timber and is set back in a quiet, natural habitat which is home to many forms of plants and animals.