Reconnect with nature

 Nature has been one of the best tonics over the past year and we are lucky enough to have so much variety on our island, from coastal paths and orchid fields to sweeping dunes and sandy woodland. The Park has history, wildlife and scenery in abundance.

Discover some of the best walks in the Park by downloading an audio guide and explore in your own time.

We have partnered with Jersey Uncovered who are passionate about showing people the best of Jersey on their fascinating tours. Join one of their Blue Badge guides as they reveal the stories of different locations in our Park.

Guided Walks
A walk in the Park with Jersey Uncovered
All walks are free of charge but require advance booking.

Self-Guided Walks
Walk at your pace, exploring our beautiful park whilst listening to our expert guests.
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Les Landes headland
A historic landscape
A walk with Tony Pike, Channel Islands Occupation Society & Vince Thorne, Vince Thorne Bespoke Photography

Join Tony and Vince as they take you on a stunning walk from Grosnez castle to the Battery Moltke, revealing the stories of the German fortifications and how they inspire their landscape photography.

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St Catherine’s coastal trail
The edible east
A walk with Kazz Padidar, Wild Adventures and Chef James Gordon, Sumas

Follow Kazz and James as they forage their way along the coastal trail from St Catherine’s to Archirondel, identifying and collecting wild herbs and sea vegetables to put on the restaurant menu.

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Northern St Ouen
Fields and farming sustainably
A walk with John Garton, Genuine Jersey and Piers Sangan, Sangan Conservation

John and Piers uncover how the riches of the soil, the natural characteristics of the landscape and traditional farming methods yield exceptional local produce and benefit local wildlife.

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Friday 14th May - 10am

A Neolithic Walk in the Park
with Nicky Mansell

This walk will go through the footpaths of La Mielle de Morville up on to the top of the island to the neolithic dolmen at Grantez and then down on to the beach to search for the ancient forest.

Meet at the Frances Le Sueur Centre.

Friday 14th May - 2pm

Towers Tides and Turnstones 

with Roger Noel

This walk will take you along the beach at La Rocque where you will learn about the intertidal zone and the role it played in the Battle of Jersey and the defence of the island.  You will also look for some of the birds which can be seen in the area so bring your binoculars.

Meet at La Rocque.

Saturday 15th May - 10am

A coastal walk in the Park
with Nicky Mansell

This walk will explore the nature of the past and present coastline in the north of St Ouens Bay and may include an examination of the peat beds and ancient forests if the sand has not covered them up.

Meet at the Frances Le Sueur Centre.

Saturday 15th May - 2pm

Exploring Devil’s Hole
with Nicky Mansell

This walk will start at the Priory Inn and go down to Devils Hole to look at the amazing natural blow hole and the coastal landscape of the north coast.  From here we will go up on to the headland and into Le Mourier Valley where there is a large tree planting initiative. We will look out for the Choughs which fly around the area as part of the Birds on the Edge project and hopefully see some of the Manx Loaghton sheep. 

This is a slightly longer walk of 2 1/2 hours and will also take in some of the lanes of St Marys.

Meet at the car park at Devils Hole.

Sunday 16th May - 10am

A nature walk in the Park
with Nicky Mansell

This walk will take you through the small paths of the reclaimed land of La Mielle de Morville to the Wetland Centre. Bring your binoculars.

Meet at the Frances Le Sueur Centre.

Sunday 16th May - 2pm

Discover La Cotte a la Chévre
with Nicky Mansell

This walk is restricted in number and is for people with a good head for heights as the path is quite exposed, rocky and steep in places but well worth the effort as it takes you to the hunting cave of the Neanderthal people who inhabitted the island for over 200,000 years. Good footwear is essential and no dogs allowed.

Meet at Grosnez car park.

“Our tiny Island has an enormous amount to offer those willing to go out and find it, and what better way than accompanied by a Blue Badge Guide who can open the doors of history, folklore, myth and magic while helping you to keep fit and active.” – Jersey Uncovered