Discover some of the best walks in the Park by joining one of our expert-guided walks in May, or by exploring in your own time, using one of our self-guided routes.

Lace up, and get active…

With Walk in the Park this May.

After last year’s success, the Jersey National Park is pleased to announce the return of Walk in the Park for its third edition. This year, the programme has an emphasis on getting active in nature. 

Islanders and tourists alike are invited to explore the breathtaking beauty of the Jersey National Park through expert-guided walks while learning about the Park’s rich history, diverse ecology and unique geology.

See the below to find out more.  

Guided Walks

Every May, we work with a range of partners for a whole month of walking.

In 2023, we’re delighted that over 200 people joined us for Walk in the Park, our annual programme of guided walks.

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Thursday 4 May - 10am

Life at the edge of the sea 
with Roger Noel, Jersey Uncovered

Jersey’s unique character of land and sea unite at the Jersey National Park. Roger provides his insights on this eastern section of the Park.

📍Meet at Long Beach 

girl on st Ouen

Sunday 7 May - 10am

Finding our own natural rhythms

with Lee Bennett, Mindfully Wild

Deepen your understanding of yourself and of your interaction with the natural world, with Mindful Therapist, Lee. 

📍Meet at the Frances Le Sueur Centre


Monday 8 May - 2pm

From field-to-fork
with Vicky Boarder, Boarder and Binney

This ‘walk and talk’ with Vicky takes you through a traditional working farm, Anneville, which sits on the edge of the Park.

📍Meet at La Crete 

St Ouens Bay

Tuesday 9 May - 10am

Freedom and fortifications
with Roger Noel, Jersey Uncovered

Step back in time and relive the unforgettable moment when Jersey was set free from Nazi occupation on this guided walk with Roger.

📍Meet at Big Verns

Wednesday 10 May - 5am

Wake up with nature 
with Neil and Alli Singleton, Birding Tours Jersey

Wake up to the sounds of nature on this awe-inspiring guided walk with Neil and Alli, as the sun rises over St. Catherine’s Bay.

📍Meet at St Catherine’s Breakwater

Wednesday 10 May - 5pm

The wilderness of St Ouen
with Kazz Padidar, Wild Adventures

Come and get lost in the wilds of St Ouen, encounter local wildlife and learn about foraging with Kazz.

📍Meet at Kempt Tower

Friday 12 May - 2pm

La Pulente and The Ormering Tide
with Jean Treleven, Aspiring Jersey Island Geopark

Join Jean as she delves into the geological landscape showing how it has influenced and inspired the La Pulente story.

📍Meet at La Pulente

Friday 12 May - 7pm

Sunset at Les Landes
with Neil and Alli Singleton, Birding Tours Jersey

Discover the enchanting beauty of nature at twilight on this guided walk with Neil and Alli.

📍Meet at L’Etacq 

Saturday 13 May - 11am

A bushcraft adventure 
with Stephen Le Quesne, Wild Days 

Embark on a soul-stirring adventure at our Forest School, with bushcrafter and nature guide, Stephen. 

📍Meet at the Frances Le Sueur Centre

Saturday 13 May - 2pm

Conservation in the cliffs
with Bob Tompkins, The National Trust for Jersey

A captivating north coastal walk, with Bob exploring the rich wildlife, dramatic landscapes and vital conservation efforts.

📍Meet at Grève de Lecq

Wednesday 17 May - 2pm

The silent threat in St Ouen’s Bay 

with Isabelle Duggan, Natural Environment Department

Explore the fascinating world of invasive species on a guided walk through St Ouen’s Bay with Isabelle.

📍Meet at Le Braye 

Saturday 20 May - 10am

Ecosystems of the east
with John Pinel, SustainablEco-Solutions

Join an educational walk with John, who looks at the rich variety of biodiversity that can be found in St Catherine’s Woods.

📍Meet at St Catherine’s Woods

Saturday 20 May - 2pm

A walk on the wild side
with Stephen Le Quesne, Wild Days

Experience the dramatic north coast, one of the Island’s most stunning locations, and enjoy a wild day out, with Stephen. 

📍Meet at Les Platons

Sunday 21 May - 10.30am

Paths of connection
with Adoni Mosquera-Valencia, Walking in Jersey

Accompany Adoni and friends, as they explore the north east of the Island, full of hidden charms.

This walk is free to attend.

📍Meet at Rozel

Tuesday 23 May - 2pm

Restoring nature’s balance
with Nicky Mansell, Jersey Uncovered 

Lead by Nicky, this walk takes you on a route in St Ouen, from La Mielle de Morville to Les Monts Grantez.

📍Meet at the Frances Le Sueur Centre

Thursday 25 May - 6.30pm

A brighter, more sustainable tomorrow
with Sheena Brockie, The Good Life Jersey

Start your journey towards a greener future, on this walk led by the passionate sustainability advocate Sheena.

📍Meet at Plémont 

Sunday 28 May - 10am

Awaken your woodland spirit
with Amanda Bond, Wild Edgewalker

Join Amanda, as she weaves a tapestry of immersive experiences that will leave you feeling connected to nature like never before. 

📍Meet at Portelet

Wednesday 31 May - 2pm

A meander through the past
with Juliette White, Jersey Heritage

Venture into days of old and discover history through the ages during this walk along quiet roads and footpaths with your guide, Juliette.

📍Meet at La Pulente


Self-Guided Walks

Discover our best nature walks using our interactive map.

Walk the entire length of Jersey’s Atlantic coast, or choose from a variety of circular walks. Take your time in the beauty of natural surroundings, wander the secluded trails and discover the various sites along the way.

Choose from one of our 14 routes on the map below.

Our Partners

Some of our partners also have lots of interesting and exciting walks to enjoy, many of which are in the Park.

Move More Jersey



Taking part in a short daily wellbeing activity is an easy step to add into your daily routine, to keep you feeling a little better in body and mind. 



Enjoy FREE, short, easy walks with Move More Jersey (an initiative by Jersey Sport) designed to improve mental and physical wellbeing, whilst providing support and encouragement to walk by friendly, qualified walk leaders.



The National Trust for Jersey

The National Trust provide a series of wonderful walks, some of which are in the Jersey National Park. 


Guided walks can be found on their event page.


Aspiring Jersey Island Geopark



Jersey is in the process of applying to become a UNESCO ‘Global Geopark’. You can find out what that means for the Island, and more about our unique geology, during a series of guided walks. 



Check the following page to see when walks are scheduled.



Access to the Jersey Countryside

Jersey has a network of paths across public and private land in some of the Island’s most beautiful landscapes, often through the Park. 

You can find out about access to these, including the many routes available, by visiting the link below.

Move More

With Move More Jersey, in the Jersey National Park.

This year, we’re delighted to be also working in partnership with Move More Jersey, inspiring more Islanders to be more active, more often. 

Move More Jersey provide free guided walks all year around. These are designed at various levels, and led by fully trained, friendly walk leaders. The level 1 and 2 walks are suitable for those with lower physical ability or long-terms conditions. With the level 3 and 4 walks more advanced for those wishing to develop their walking ability.

Wednesday 3 May – 10am

📍 Devil’s Hole, Level 3

An accessible flat route, about 3.5 miles, exploring the lanes near the Devil’s Hole and La Mare Vineyards, with stunning views. 

Saturday 13 May – 9.30am

📍 Jersey Pearl, Level 4

A longer route, almost 5 miles, taking in sections of Val de la Mare reservoir and the Les Landes headland. Does include some notably steep ascents and descents.

Monday 22 May – 9.30am

📍Jardin D’Olivet, Level 4

A more strenuous route, that goes through a steep, wooded, and often a little muddy, coastal valley.

Friday 26 May – 10am

📍Portelet, Level 1

A short walk, about a mile long, across the beautiful Noirmont Common, with outstanding views across to Portelet Bay and the south east of the Island. 

Saturday 27 May – 9.30am

📍Les Platons, Level 4

A challenging walk that takes you on the north coast cliff paths. There are plenty of places to stop along the way and take a well-earned rest.

Wednesday 31 May – 10am

📍 Grosnez, Level 1

A circular route, about 2.5 miles, crossing a section of the Island’s largest ecological Special site of Interest (SSI). Follows uneven footpaths on the headland. 

Move More walks are a great way to meet new people, enjoy stunning scenic routes and be supported to be more active.

See the Move More schedule and find out how you can register, here: 


Audio Tours

Walk at your pace, exploring our beautiful Park whilst listening to some of our expert guides.

play video
watch a preview of the walk

Les Landes headland
A historic landscape
A walk with Tony Pike, Channel Islands Occupation Society and Vince Thorne, Vince Thorne Bespoke Photography

Join Tony and Vince as they take you on a stunning walk from Grosnez castle to the Battery Moltke, revealing the stories of the German fortifications and how they inspire their landscape photography.

Listen now on:

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Watch a preview of the walk

St Catherine’s coastal trail
The edible east
A walk with Kazz Padidar, Wild Adventures and Chef James Gordon

Follow Kazz and James as they forage their way along the coastal trail from St Catherine’s to Archirondel, identifying and collecting wild herbs and sea vegetables to put on the restaurant menu.

Listen now on:

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Watch a preview of the walk

Northern St Ouen
Fields and farming sustainably
A walk with John Garton, Genuine Jersey and Piers Sangan, Sangan Conservation

John and Piers uncover how the riches of the soil, the natural characteristics of the landscape and traditional farming methods yield exceptional local produce and benefit local wildlife.

Listen now on:

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Ready for your walk?

So that you are able to fully enjoy your experience, ensure that you’re prepared.

Give yourself plenty of time to get guided walk. If travelling by bus, then check your route back, click here

Consider your footwear before you venture out. Make sure you wear sturdy shoes, and if you are heading out on the coast, then be prepared to get your feet wet (wellies might be a good idea!). Bring some extra layers in case the weather is changeable, and don’t forget your waterproofs, too. Take some snacks with you, even bring a picnic, just make sure you take any rubbish home with you. And, bring a camera along to capture any special moments. Do ‘tag’ the Park if you post on social media: @jerseynationalpark #walkinthepark #movemorejersey

Respecting our Park

Remember to ‘Respect, Project and Enjoy’.

Extending over 30 miles of Jersey’s coastline, the Jersey National Park comprises of land owned by public and private landowners. These areas have been distinguished as areas of outstanding beauty, and we’re very privileged to be able to access them at our leisure. Please remember to:

Stay on marked paths
Keep your distance from wildlife
Leave nothing but your footprints behind

Jersey’s stunning countryside helps make our Island special, and we’re so lucky to have it on our doorstep. To help everyone to share, respect, protect and enjoy the outdoors, ensure you follow the Countryside Code.



“Our tiny Island has an enormous amount to offer those willing to go out and find it, and what better way than accompanied by a guide who can open the doors of history, folklore, myth and magic while helping you to keep fit and active.” – Jersey Uncovered