Our story

4th October 2009 – a line was drawn. On this date 7,000 islanders of all ages and abilities came together in a peaceful protest organised by the National Trust for Jersey.

At the time, there were major development projects proposed that posed a huge threat to sensitive coastal areas such as the Plémont headland. There was widespread concern among islanders that the approval of an inappropriate development at Portelet Bay would set a precedent and open the floodgates for other similar projects. Something had to be done, and fast!

Islanders stood shoulder to shoulder and formed a human chain from Le Braye to just short of L’Etacq to make a statement that it was time to draw a line under the steady increase in inappropriate coastal developments in Jersey. The people called for protection of our precious coastline. And the environment minister listened!

Two years later, the Jersey National Park was officially endorsed by the States of Jersey. The National Park now covers 2,145 hectares – 16% of the Island’s land mass – and any development within it is strictly regulated by the planning department.