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The Jersey National Park aims to protect, conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage within its 2,145 designated hectares so that it can be appreciated and enjoyed by all who spend time in it, now and in the future.

Our story

On the 4th October 2009 over 7,000 islanders formed a human ‘Line in the Sand’ in calm protest against inappropriate development and called for protection of the Island’s coastline. Two years later, the Jersey National Park was officially endorsed by the States of Jersey.

Why have a National Park?

For the protection of all wildlife and their precious habitats and for the enjoyment of residents and visitors alike! We can be proud of our park and the incredible diversity of nature, history and culture within it; safe in the knowledge that it is protected for future generations to enjoy as much as our own.

Nature’s play park

Get out and have fun! Whatever your interest, opportunities for relaxation, outdoor activities and cleansing the soul are endless. The breathing space offered by the Park in all its glory is a huge benefit for those who visit it.


With such a huge variety of scenery, flora, fauna, history and cultural heritage crammed into the Park, you are spoilt for choice. Discover our unique landscape past and present as you observe and absorb your surroundings through the seasons.