World Oceans Day 2020

Because Jersey has the distinction of having a national park with an incredibly diverse coastline, it is only right and fitting that our surrounding waters are celebrated on World Oceans Day.

Happy World Oceans Day! As one of the very few ‘coastal’ national parks on the international stage, our sea cliffs, bays, beaches, coastal headlands and offshore reefs retain an undeniably strong connection with every aspect of the marine environment.

Such connections are clearly understood when the boundaries within the Park’s landscape touch hands with the Island’s ever-changing tidal waters. So too with Jersey’s maritime history, which can be revisited through a remarkable diversity of coastal fortifications – both ancient and comparatively modern, most of which are located in the Park.

The remarkable importance of our marine environment is clearly signified by the designation of our south east coast and offshore reefs as international Ramsar sites. Further commitment to marine protection around Jersey is now becoming ever more evident, through marine protection zones and the proposed Emerald Ring.

The core purpose of every national park worldwide is to establish a sense of public pride and respect in a land and seascape full to the brim with amazing biodiversity. As such, the protective values of World Oceans Day are cause for reflection and maritime celebration, which the Jersey National Park is rightfully pleased to be part of and proud to support.

To find out more about World Oceans Day, click here: https://unworldoceansday.org

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