My Perfect Picnic – A Zero Waste Picnic

Is a greener Jersey picnic experience possible? Absolutely!

Sheena shares her top tips on using reusable items and sourcing local food for a sustainable and delightful picnic experience.

Sheena Brockie, Plastic Free Jersey. 

I’m Sheena Brockie, a sustainability advocate. 

I run Plastic Free Jersey, a movement aimed at reducing plastic waste in our beautiful Island community, which promotes practices that can help minimise waste, such as, planning eco-friendly picnics!

Q – Can you recommend a pristine location in the Jersey National Park perfect for a zero-waste picnic?

The Jersey National Park boasts countless idyllic picnic spots. But if I had to pick, it would be Plémont Bay – a serene and secluded spot with stunning views of the ocean and striking cliff landscapes. It’s a picturesque reminder of what we’re protecting with our zero-waste efforts.

Q – What are your go-to items for a zero waste picnic?

Planning a zero-waste picnic is about mindfulness and creativity:

• Reusable Plates and Cutlery: Opt for washable dishes and utensils over disposables.

• Homemade Food: Prepare sandwiches, salads, or snacks at home and pack them in reusable containers.

• Shop Local: Reduce food miles by buying fresh, loose fruits and vegetables from local farm shops or markets.

• Beverages: Skip single-use bottles. Fill an insulated thermos or pitcher with homemade lemonade, iced tea, or water.

• Ice: Keep food cool with ice cubes from your freezer, stored in a stainless-steel container.

• Cloth Bags: Perfect for packing food, protecting glass jars, or holding loose items like cutlery.

• The Basket: Use a reusable basket or insulated carrier to transport everything.

And for those who wish to make their gatherings even more sustainable, I recommend checking out Many Happy Returns Jersey’, an organisation offering a lending library of reusable party supplies. By choosing to reuse, we can further reduce our waste and support local charities at the same time. It’s another step towards a more sustainable Jersey. 

Q – How do you think practising zero-waste principles can contribute to the preservation of the Jersey National Park?

Zero-waste principles directly support the preservation of our environment by reducing pollution and waste, conserving natural resources and promoting biodiversity. It’s about respecting and protecting the natural beauty that surrounds us, like the Jersey National Park. Every effort we make towards zero waste, no matter how small, helps maintain the condition of our park for future generations to enjoy.

With the world becoming increasingly aware of the environmental crisis, it’s crucial that we adopt more sustainable practices in our everyday lives. Picnicking offers a simple and joyful way to connect with nature, but it’s essential we do it responsibly. A zero-waste picnic is not only a statement of respect for our surroundings, but it also contributes to a more sustainable future for our Island.

By incorporating small eco-friendly practices into your everyday routines, you’re contributing significantly… The goal isn’t to achieve perfection, but to continually make progress.

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