My Perfect Picnic – A Seafood Feast

Showcasing a menu of fresh Jersey oysters, locally caught crab sandwiches, and grilled lobsters, Marcus and Ana create picnics to remember.

Their celebration of our Island’s seafood delights is a testament to the depth and diversity of Jersey’s food culture.

Marcus and Ana Calvani, Jersey Hospitality Association.

Hello, we are Marcus and Ana Calvani, owners of the BeServed Group, which includes local favourites JB’s Brewhouse and The Lido at Havre des Pas. We also have the privilege of serving as co-chief executives of the Jersey Hospitality Association which plays a pivotal role in the development, promotion and representation of Jersey’s hospitality sector. 

Our journey through the hospitality sector has always circled back to our love for this Island. And our endeavours have always revolved around showcasing the bounty of our natural resources, whether that is grown in our fields, or from the sea. The hospitality industry is instrumental in shaping the unique character of Jersey. Through our participation in this sector, we have the opportunity to carefully balance progress with preservation, safeguarding the vibrant and authentic character the Island.

Q – Can you recommend a location in the Jersey National Park perfect for a picnic? 

Portelet, you just can’t beat it.

Perfect for a family picnic early on a summer’s evening. The clear waters and stunning views combine to create an unforgettable picnic setting. And after your meal, you can burn off those calories with the steep walk back up the steps, whilst taking in the natural beauty of the area one last time.

Q – Can you share your dream picnic spread? 

With Jersey’s abundant seafood offerings, creating a dream picnic spread is a treat in itself. Here’s our suggestion:

• Fresh Jersey oysters, served raw with a splash of lemon. 

• Locally caught crab sandwiches with a light mayonnaise dressing. 

• Local salad comprising mixed greens, and a simple vinaigrette dressing. 

• Grilled Jersey lobsters, served cold and partnered with a herbed butter dip.

• Homemade soda bread.

Q – How can the hospitality industry promote more sustainable practices in Jersey? 

Sustainability, we believe, isn’t just a responsibility – it’s an opportunity to enrich our guests’ experiences and ensure the long-term preservation of the Island we all love. By making sustainability part of our visitor experience, we hope to inspire a lasting respect for Jersey’s unique environment.

And that begins by sourcing our food locally, supporting our local farmers and fishermen, which not only reduces food miles and boosts our economy, but also allows us to offer fresh, seasonal, and delicious food to our guests.

We also need to ensure that our business operations are as environmentally friendly as possible, minimising waste and conserving resources wherever we can. This ethos is becoming well reflected in the industry  – from reducing plastic usage to implementing energy-saving measures.

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