My Perfect Picnic – From Field-To-Fork

The celebration of our Island’s plentiful produce… brought to life in a picnic.

Vicky introduces us to ‘natures table’, a dining experience that captures the freshness and vibrancy of locally sourced, organic farm produce. She brings her passion and expertise to the forefront, curating a field-to-fork experience that truly encapsulates Jersey’s rich farming produce.

Vicky Boarder, Boarder and Binney.

I’m Vicky Boarder. Alongside my business partner, Chris Binney, and a team of keen cooks, experimenters and innovators Binney and Boarder, exists. We have the privilege of being based on one of Jersey’s best organic farms, Anneville Farm truly one of Jersey’s gems. Working alongside Anneville, utilising the very fruits of the Le Gresley’s labour, we formulate menus, recipes, food that is seasonal, delicious and beautiful. 

The farm is a heaven. One step in and you are transported into a wonderland of vegetables, flowers, of nature in its truest form. We could not wish to be anywhere better.

Driving down the lane toward the farm you are met with a little shack, with a mismatched roof and a hand painted sign. Inside you will find abundances of vegetables; locally made bread made by Dough Rye Me, handmade cakes and of course a fridge full of meals, produce and delights that we’ve concocted using seasonal, local produce… All perfect food items for a picnic!

Our slogan, ‘In Nature is Life’ is one we work by, one we live by and one we ask everyone to adopt. We are lucky enough to embody this ethos in its truest form with the plethora of vegetables that are brought to us daily, by looking inside the poly-tunnels of flowers growing, and seeing the wildlife truly blossoming around us. Through our field-to-fork approach, we are fostering a connection between sustainability and food. Ensuring food doesn’t have to travel hundreds of miles to get to our kitchen and maintaining that the healthier soil the vegetables have been grown in, the better they are for us and them! quality produce, whilst fostering a closer relationship between people and the food they eat. We are so detached from where our meals come from, yet with the climate in a state as it is, it’s never been more imperative! 

In essence, we’re trying to do our best to support local farming and promote the benefits of fresh, local produce, meanwhile providing a sustainable approach to the food we prepare. Knowledge is everything and it changes the way we eat…

Q – What’s your favourite picnic location on the Island for a feast?

Jersey abound with picturesque spots, but one of my favourites has to be near Anneville Farm itself, Anneport. It is tranquil setting, with natural beauty; an idyllic backdrop for a feast celebrating local produce.

Q – Can you describe your dream picnic?

For me, a dream picnic is an embodiment of the field-to-fork ethos. A spread that is a tribute to local, organic produce, with zero air miles and devoid of chemicals:

– A variety of fresh vegetables plucked straight from the farm, offering a burst of natural flavours and a colourful palette to the picnic spread.

… Such as chargrilled courgette ribbons, their delicate tenderness enhanced by a refreshing dressing of lemon and home-grown mint, adding a touch of zest to the picnic.

– Ripe, juicy heritage tomatoes from the farm, hand-picked at the peak of their freshness, simply paired with local basil for a salad that’s a vibrant celebration of Jersey’s summer.

– Freshly baked soda bread from local artisanal bakeries.

– A selection of artisanal cheeses

– And of course, no picnic would be complete without a refreshing cordial made locally.

It’s not just about the food though; it’s the joy of sharing the meal in nature.

Q – How do you think local farms contribute to the conservation efforts of the Jersey National Park?

Local farms are the lifeblood of Jersey’s conservation efforts. They preserve our cultural heritage, maintain the scenic beauty of the landscape, and bolster biodiversity. Moreover, by practicing sustainable farming methods, these farms help to maintain the health of the soil, water, and ecosystems. Buying produce from our local farms supports their crucial role in conservation.

We’re blessed to live on an Island that offers us an incredible wealth of produce. Every time we choose local ingredients for our meals, we’re not just elevating our culinary experiences; we’re also supporting the farmers and the natural environment that makes Jersey so special. Every meal we make is an opportunity to celebrate nature and our community.

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