My Perfect Picnic – Brunch With A View

Brunch is Ant’s favourite meal, especially when enjoyed in the Jersey National Park in the summer.

Ant highlights how life’s simple pleasures can deepen our understanding and appreciation for Jersey’s splendour. He shares his favourite brunch items, picnic spot, and tips for making the most out of a leisurely summer brunch in the Park.

Ant Lewis, Disability and Inclusion, Government of Jersey.

A well-respected journalist by profession, Ant’s world dramatically changed in 2007 when a severe stroke resulted in physical disability and aphasia, a condition characterised by difficulties in speaking, reading and writing.

Despite these challenges, Ant’s intellectual prowess remains unaffected, with his experience echoing the struggles of over 350,000 aphasia sufferers across the UK. A true testament to his tenacity, Ant’s condition has not diminished his passion for life, his dedication to his community, or his profound love for the scenic beauty of Jersey.

As Disability Inclusion Officer at the Government of Jersey, Ant plays a pivotal role in promoting and implementing the Island’s Disability Strategy, which aims to cultivate an inclusive society, ensuring that people living with disabilities in Jersey enjoy a good quality of life. He works across the community to support the inclusion of all disabled Islanders, raise awareness and promote cultural and organisational change.

Q – Share with us your favourite picnic spot in the Jersey National Park, and why? 

Grantez Headland, my spot. 

Quiet. Beautiful. Perfect for picnics. 

Peace, nature. Jersey’s charm. 

Amazing views. 

Sunsets. Mesmerising.

Accessibility, a necessity. Easy paths. Gateways, not barriers.

Q – What would be the ingredients for your perfect picnic? 

Picnic, brunch style. 

Brunch with a view.

A picnic blanket. An open sky. 

Simple pleasures!

• French bread. French cheese. 

• And charcuterie. From Relish, Town Market. 

Or… freshly baked croissants. Vienna. Fresh, flaky. Best. 

• Smoked salmon. Cream cheese. 

• Honey from Jersey bees. Sweet. Natural. Unbeatable.

• Berry smoothie. Antioxidants! 

• Flask of coffee. A Must. And Jersey milk. 

Picnics, not only about food. Sensory delights… See. Smell. Taste. Hear.

Company too. 

It’s therapy. Out in nature. Fresh air. In the open, problems seem smaller. 

Grounding. Bringing us back to the moment.

Connection. With nature, with self, with others. 

Physical disability shouldn’t dictate experiences.

Experience Jersey, experience nature. Everyone, no matter who. 

Aphasia doesn’t stop me. I connect. I communicate. I contribute.

Important to foster understanding. Equality, a right. An inclusive society. Break barriers, embrace diversity. 

Q – Why is the Jersey National Park important to you? 

The Jersey National Park. A treasure.

Freedom to roam, freedom to enjoy.

Jersey, our home. Environment, our responsibility. 

Loving nature isn’t enough. Need to protect. To preserve. 

Protect beauty. Preserve future. Island, for all…

Keeping our open green spaces. For me, not luxury. Lifeline. And more accessible paths. 

Picnics. Life’s simple joys.

Enjoy picnics, love nature, cherish Jersey.

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