Make Time for Nature, April

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of our national park lies within the sight and sound of the sea where the marine environment supports a wealth of plants and animals.

For this months recommended ‘look for’ species might we suggest the Alexander, a large bushy plant that often enjoys a close and harmonious relationship with maritime environments.

In fact, many of our south coast headlands, and especially along the grasslands of St Ouen’s Bay, are already supporting large swathes of these tall bushy plants. The greenish-yellow flowerheads, at their best between now and the month of June, are a dead giveaway by way of identification. 

Did you know? Alexanders were first introduced into Britain by the Romans who evidently enjoyed its thick plant stems as an early type of celery. Wouldn’t you agree that this sounds like a fairly wholesome and tasty way of preparing the perfect salad side-dish?

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