Changing Seasons in the Park, Winter

Everything in life, has to have balance

As humanity’s footprint expands into once-wild places, we need to be mindful of the impact we are making. The Jersey National Park recognises this and of the many benefits gained by all those spending time in the company of wildness. We also fully acknowledge the pleasures derived from all those wonderful landscapes within the Park’s boundaries. Equally, we need to remind those who share our appreciation of all those designated areas within the Park just how important it has now become to respect and protect it for those generations still to come.

More people than ever are seeking solace in nature and winter offers a new perspective on all those designated areas within the Park’s boundaries. It is a time for quiet retreat and reflection. Even on the gloomiest of days, a healthy intake of good fresh air does wonders. Nature is a symphony that soothes the senses. It can be a mindful refuge in a way that, perhaps, we have never before quite realised.

We can be very proud of our Park’s current designation and of the incredible diversity of nature that calls it home. But, to ensure that it’s natural character remains protected for future generations, we must strive to show the greatest of collective respect.

We are constantly working with our partners to foster a love and respect for our Island. With your support, we can all work together to keep our national park vibrant and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

A few important reminders for all those who visit the Park this winter.

And don’t forget to dress according to the weather!

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