Picnic in the Park takes place during the month of August. You can organise your own picnic, either self-created or bought in from local hospitality suppliers. 

Discover the natural beauty of the Jersey National Park and enjoy a taste of authentic, local produce with some al fresco, blanket-based foodie fun. 


The Pleasure of Long Sunny Days...

Get hands-on with your picnic by visiting one of the Island’s local farmers markets or stalls and create your own picnic from scratch, using the best Genuine Jersey produce Jersey has to offer. 

Or alternatively choose from one of wonderful Picnic in the Park partners who have created some delicious picnic menus showcasing the best of their cuisine and the local produce available in Jersey. 

The pleasure of long sunny days, with lots of opportunity to get together with friends and family, and to enjoy delicious food in the stunning locations across the Park – what’s not to love? 

View your Picnic Options

Unleash your culinary creativity and craft your own picnic menu, or, select your favourite pre-prepared picnic using one of our partners. 

Once you have made your selection, the adventure truly begins… Find your perfect spot within the Jersey National Park, unfurl your blanket, and reveal your culinary treasures, all while basking in the Park’s awe-inspiring beauty.

The North Coast

Les Landes (Le Pinacle)
Grosnez Castle
Mourier Valley
Sorel Headland

The East Coast

St Catherine’s Woods
Anne Port
Gorey Castle Green

The South Coast

Beauport headland
Noirmont headland
Portelet headland
Belcroute Bay (alongside St Aubin)

The West Coast

Val de la Mare reservoir and woods
Petit Port
La Corbiere

Where is your perfect picnic spot?

Create, or curate?

You’re in control of your picnic experience… 

Handpick local ingredients from local farmers’ markets or hedge veg stalls to build your own picnic, or let our partners do the work for you with their specially crafted picnic menus.

And if you need any more inspiration, then let our experts guide you with their professional recommendations and insights.

Please remember to look after your Park. Many of the suggested sites within the Jersey National Park are owned and administered by other agencies and charities. As such, please abide by the Jersey Countryside Code, respect the natural environment and take all of your rubbish home with you. 


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